Phillips 66 Top-Tier Gasoline

As a Phillips 66 marketer we take pride in providing top-tier gasoline to our customers. Phillips 66 gasoline has 3 times more detergent than the minimum EPA requirement.  You can feel confident that our gas is keeping your engine as cleanefficient, and safe as possible.  
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Regular - 85 Octane

Mid Grade - 87 Octane

Premium - 91 Octane

Ethanol Free - 88 Octane


Make sure your engine performs best by giving it the best fuel.  Non-ethanol (ethanol free) gasoline is particularly important with small engines. Gasoline containing ethanol is more corrosive, absorbs unwanted moisture, and burns hotter.  Make sure you do your research and give your engine what it needs to prevent corrosion, damage, and overheating. 

Ethanol-free is available at our Centerville location

219 W Parrish Lane Centerville,  UT 84014

Ethanol Free

Compressed Natural Gas is available at our Woods Cross location. 

527 S 700 W, Woods Cross, UT